Dr. Mohd Salim Javed


Aim of this study was to find out the effectiveness of Nutraceuticals for rehabilitate ACL knee injured Indian Footballers. An injuries are the part and parcel of sports participation and injuries are those much more serious to the Indian footballers that due to injuries they were forced to stop playing and it leads to finish their careers before achieving the best result in their discipline. The knee joints and muscle groups are important, contributing to execute successive skills or movements as per the demand of the situation in sport arena. ACL sprain is the most common injury in athletes because of the insufficient flexibility, strength and nutrition. This study also explores the benefits of nutrition to rehabilitate an athlete himself definitely. A total 30 ACL injured subjects were selected on the basis of inclusive and exclusive criteria and divided into two groups A (N=15) and B (N=15). Group A treated as experimental with execute knee movements protocol with used which taken selected nutrition’s for rehabilitation and. Group B as control were executed knee movements protocol, without the uses of nutrition’s for rehabilitation of ACL knee injury. 8 weeks nutritional program applied on experimental group only and check list and nutrition schedule prepared by experts of both core disciplines. The paired sample ‘t’ test between both groups showed significant difference at the level of 0.01and also t.ratio had shown the significant effectiveness of selected nutraceutical for rehabilitation of ACL knee injury i.e flexion[Ex.Group 20.75*-Co.Group 19.40*] extension [Ex.Group 18.59*-Co.Group 8.09*] muscle circumference [Ex.Group 5.88*-Co.Group 3.60*] and movement steps [Ex.Group 14.59*-Co.Group 10.11*]. There is a significant effect of nutrition on ACL knee injury. Experimental group was found better rehabilitation as compression to control group.

Keywords: ACL Knee injury, nutrition, Rehabilitation, Knee extension, flexion, Muscle circumference,movement steps,check list and nutritional program.


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