The body constantly changes based on the demands people place on it. The key to understanding the effects of cardiac exercise or cardiac training on the body is that the impacts can occur both in the short term and long term. The purpose of the study was to determine effect of cardiac exercise on erythrocytes count in human body. Total thirty male who are good class gym member of West Delhi were taken as subject for the purpose of the study. The chronological age of subjects was between 35 and 45 years. There are two group i.e. experimental group (N=15) and control group (N= 15). Experimental group exposed in treatment with different fitness equipment based on cardiac fitness machine and control group were not exposed in any type of fitness progrmme. The Pre-Post test design has been selected for collecting the data. The criterion variable was assessment of programme of cardiac exercise by using Erythrocytes Count Test in Lal Path lab of Delhi. The data was collected before and after the treatment. Dependent ‘t’ test was computed to find out the effect of specific exercise programs on erythrocytes. There was significant difference found in case of experimental group (cardiac exercise) and no significant difference was found in case of control group on erythrocytes Count in the people of west Delhi

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