The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of selected yogic practices on aggression of school students. Sixty (N=60) school students were randomly selected as subject for the present study. The subjects were divided into two groups- thirty (n1=30) students were assigned in experimental group and thirty (n2=30) were assigned in control group. The age group of the subjects were ranged from (12 – 14) years. In the present study the variable aggression were measured by AOS (Aggression Orientation Scale- Basu, J. 2001) questionnaire. Mean and standard deviation of six components of the variable aggression were calculated. The pre and post treatment means of respective components were compared by using t-test. Statistical significance was tested at 0.05 level of significance. For statistical calculations Excel Spread Sheet of windows version 7 was used. The result showed that aggression of the experimental group reduced in total, but it was not significant. Among the six components of aggression, externalizing tendency, verbal aggression and indirect aggression reduced significantly. But reduction of other components, predisposition, internalizing tendency and physical aggression were not statistically significant. In case of control group the aggression reduced in total but it was not significant. Among the six components of aggression no significant increase or decrease were observed. Verbal aggression remained same, predisposition and internalizing tendency increased slightly where as externalizing tendency, physical aggression and indirect aggression reduced to some extent

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