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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH AND SOCIAL SCIENCE (IJPEHSS) is a bi-annually online International Journal dedicated to research and investigations in Physical Education, Health and Social Science. It is Peer Reviewed International Journal, scheduled to appear half yearly and serve as a means for innovative information exchange in the International educational and research forum...


Mr. Kamlesh Soni, Dr. Usha Tiwari, Dr. Dhirendra Tiwari

Mr. Kamlesh Soni, P.G.T. (Physical Education), DMS, R.I.E., NCERT, Bhubneshwar, Orissa, India, Dr. Usha Tiwari, Associate Professor, Dept. of Physical Education. Banasthali University, Banasthali, Jaipur (Raj.), Dr. Dhirendra Tiwari, Assist. Director, University Sports Board BHU, Varanasi (U.P)


The purpose of the study was to see the parental attitude towards female?s participation in Physical activities. The questionnaire was administered to 200 parents of students who were presently studying in Government and Private high schools of Gwalior. The respondents were requested to fill up the questionnaire. The present study involves collection of relevant information through a questionnaire, which was administered to the respondents selected for the study. Hiding of information or furnishing incorrect responses may yield distorted fact, which is recognized as a limitation of the problem. The survey method was used in conducting the study. The necessary information was collected through a questionnaire; questionnaires were administered to parents by the researcher from the analysis of the responses made by the parents. It is evident that majority of them have a positive attitude toward female?s participation in physical activities, although the reasons may defers from individual to individual. Positive attitude may be due to fact that many parents have sports back ground as they understand the importance of fitness in day to day life, so they encourage their daughters to engage or participate in games/sports

Keywords : Background, Carrier, Fitness and Seasonal

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