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Dr. Xavier Maria Raj

Dr. Xavier Maria Raj, Head Department of Physical Education St. Andrew?s P.G. College, Gorakhpur India


The purpose of the present study was to find the effect of pranayama practice on tidal volume, inspiratory reserve volume and vital capacity. For this purpose, thirty female students studying bachelor degree in various departments, except Department of Physical Education of St. Andrew?s P.G. College Gorakhpur (U.P) those who were not familiar with pranayama with the age group of 19 21 years were selected. They were divided into two equal groups, each group consisted of fifteen subjects, in which group I underwent pranayama practices and group II acted as control group who did not participate in any special training. The training period for this study was five days in a week for twelve weeks. The selected criterion variables such as, tidal volume, inspiratory reserve volume and vital capacity were assessed by using the wetspirometer. Prior to and after the training period the subjects were tested for tidal volume, inspiratory reserve volume and vital capacity and analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was applied as statistical tool. It was concluded after the pranayama practices, that training group have increased the level of tidal volume (inspiratory reserve volume and vital capacity (p >0.05)

Keywords : Inspiratory, Vital Capacity, Tidal Volume and Yoga

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