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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH AND SOCIAL SCIENCE (IJPEHSS) is a bi-annually online International Journal dedicated to research and investigations in Physical Education, Health and Social Science. It is Peer Reviewed International Journal, scheduled to appear half yearly and serve as a means for innovative information exchange in the International educational and research forum...


Ms. Shivani, Dr. Yogesh Chande, Mr. Poonam and Dr. Varuna

Ms. Shivani, Assistant Professor, NC College of Education, Israna, Haryana Dr. Yogesh Chande, Mr. Poonam and Dr. Varuna, Assistant Professor, Institute of Teacher Training & Research BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya, Khanpur Kalan, Haryana, India


It has been observed that one of the leading causes of death throughout the world is obesity. It leads to diabetes, chronic heart diseases, deterioration of brain functions, acceleration of aging process and deteriorated muscles and skeletal of the human body. The problem of obesity can be easily tackled with introducing movement education in schools, collaborated with games and exercises. The researchers have framed some strategies that may act as panacea to fight against obesity among students and same is discussed in this paper. These strategies are based on researchers? experiences in the field, review of literature and discussions with scholars from the field of physical education, education and from medicine. The present paper has its implication for educational planner, curriculum framer, policy planners and above all for physical education teacher, who actually will help the plan to implement.

Keywords : Motor Activities, Panacea, Obesity and Physical Activity. INTRODUCTION

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