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Dr. Xavier Maria Raj

Dr. Xavier Maria Raj, Head Department of Physical Education St. Andrews P.G. College Gorakhpur India


The aim of this study was to examine the effect of lower extremity strength training exercise for twelve-week on instep kick performance of soccer players. To achieve my purpose eighty (80) amateur soccer players of Uttar Pradesh volunteered to participate in this study after signing informed consent forms, forty players [aged 18.0 1.5 years] constituted the experimental group [EG] while the remaining forty [aged 18.0 1.5 years] were the control group [CG]. The independent variable for the study is strength training exercise for twelve weeks and dependent variable is soccer instep kick ability. The strength training was administered to experimental group three days (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) per week for twelve weeks. The data were collected from control and experimental groups before and after training intervention. During pre test the data is arranged in descending order and then with the help of ABBA method the players are divided into two different groups. The groups are equated with the help of equal mean. Therefore, the data was analysed with dependent t test to elicit the difference from pre to post in each groups separately. The mean and standard deviation of the experimental and control group are presented. The result of the study showed that pre and post test difference between the groups are not significant as the obtained t value is 0.349 and 1.7111 respectively. However, in experimental group before and after twelve weeks of strength training has significantly improved the kicking ability of soccer players (t = 2.95, p = 0.0052) and control group remained unaltered (t = 0.24, p = 0.8058). It is concluded that this training programme can be administered as part of the pre-season training of soccer players. It is approximately changes in physical fitness components particularly lower extremities have been transferred to soccer kick performance in terms of ball speed as well as technique. Therefore, the application of soccer-specific strength training programs for twelve weeks as part of pre-season training programme for young soccer players is recommended

Keywords : Strength Training, Instep Kick, Soccer, Players, Warners Skill Test of Soccer

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